The Best Way to Control Your Anger

Anger is an intense emotional response. It is a form of emotion which involves a strong uncomfortable response to a perceived hurt, provocation, or threat. There are a lot of causes for a person to be angry; for example, if their personal space is threatened or somebody offended them in a way that causes extreme reactions or emotions, anger may arise. 

Anger is characterized by a strong antagonism toward someone or something you think and feel has intentionally done you wrong. It’s normal to feel anger; it is part of our human nature. This emotion can result in physical or emotional violence when uncontrolled. Here’s what you can do:

Control Your Temper

Sometimes, we let our anger drive our actions. Instead of letting it take over, take your time in calming down. Not controlling your actions while you’re still angry can cause trouble for yourself and others at home or in public.

Find A Better Outlet

If you feel you can’t keep your anger anymore, don’t hurt anyone. Violence can only cause more violence. Find a better way to release your anger: scream in a secluded room or at your pillow. Go to the gym, exercise, or go boxing. Such acts can help you distract yourself from your anger.

Seek Help From Others

If you think you can’t do it alone, seek help from a friend. Find someone you can talk to about your problems or what’s causing your intense emotion. If you notice that you have anger issues or having a hard time controlling your temper, then don’t be afraid to consult a Psychologist. They are here to help you manage and control your anger.


It’s good to control, but don’t suppress your anger all the time. It may have harmful effects in your emotional state and can lead to extreme violence by the time you let it out. Just keep everything in balance and release your anger when needed while not hurting anyone.

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