How to Pet a Bird

Birds: they are everywhere, from big cities to thick forests, but some people take these intelligent creatures for granted. Have you ever imagined that some birds can make awesome pets? Well, today can be your lucky day. This article will help you know how to pet a bird. 

Birds are very intelligent creatures and can make good and interesting pets. Keeping a bird as your closest friend can be rewarding and interesting, especially if you do it right. A tamed bird cannot only keep you company, but it can also be your life-long companion.

How To Approach The Bird

Birds are unique creatures. Some like being petted by everyone while others do not tolerate touch even from the person who owns them. If you are planning to pet a bird that is not yours, understand that it might want to get to know and understand you before it can let you pet it.

Where To Touch

Most bird species prefer being petted on the head and the neck because these are the parts of their body that they cannot reach by themselves. Petting these kinds of creatures around their wings or tail may lead to all types of behavioral problems afterward.

How To Start

Begin by lightly touching the beak of the bird. This can work as an excellent starting point because it will then get a chance to know and get used to you. It is important to be gentle at first. Most of the birds like being petted against the usual direction of their feathers and not from the head towards the wings.

How To Finish

Gently rub the skin at the sides of the head and behind the beak. Then, shift the touch to the area around its ears if the bird still seems comfortable and relaxed. When it becomes more used to the touch, try scratching the back of its neck and head.

Every bird needs enough time to get to understand and trust an individual before it can accept petting and other forms of affection. Nevertheless, once you have gained its trust, it can prove to be exceedingly loyal. It is important to be patient and gentle throughout the process.  

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