How to Brush Your Cat Safely

We all love our cats, the purring, the affection, but all that fur! It gets everywhere, especially if you have a long hair like we do. How can you keep it in control? Regular combing is the best way and many cats love to be brushed.

Brushing your cat two or three times a week is also healthy for him. It will remove dirt from his coat, as well as dead skin. It stimulates blood circulation and contributes to kitty’s over all well being. As you cat ages he is not able to groom himself like when he was young, so older cats will especially benefit from the experience.

If you find that your cat does not enjoy the experience just be patient and he will get used to it. Select a comb or a brush that is appropriate for your cat’s fur. Longer haired cats will usually require a comb because a brush will tangle, your pet store or vet will be happy to help you select an appropriate tool.

Make kitty comfortable, get him relaxed and purring. Start brushing and be sure to be gentle, use slow long strokes. Obviously, you would stop if your cat reacts badly. If he tries to bite or scratch you, he does not like the area you are trying to brush to be touched. Don’t give up though, just avoid that area. It’s also possible that you are pulling his hair. Remember to be gentle, you would not like it is someone was pulling your hair.

Keep the brush clean by checking it regularly. Turn it over and pull out any clumps of hair. If you have a long hair, or you have not brushed him in a while, it will not take long to fill up the brush. The type of brush you use will also determine how quickly it fills up.

If your cat gets too irritable, take a break. Let him lose to work it off; don’t feel you have to get every part of him in one sitting. You may have to start with short sessions a few times a day or even over week to work him into a routine. Over time he will get used to longer combings.

Some final thoughts, only brush you cat when he is in a good mood. Don’t force him. Trust me, neither one of you will like the outcome. Remember that cats are more active certain times of the day. Play time is not a good time to try and settle him down for a combing. Weekly grooming is also a good time to check him for other problems. Run your hands down his body checking for lumps or wounds and, of course, fleas and ticks.

You will find that, as time goes on; your cat will start to enjoy the brushings. He gets to spend intimate time with his favorite person and the combing can be soothing for him and for you and help control the pet hair in your house.

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