Edible and Healthy Foods You Were Told Not to Eat and Their Benefits

With the advancements in agriculture and technology, there has been a wider variety of foods available on the market than ever before. Examples of these are fruits and vegetables that are not indigenous to the country yet are available as exports from other countries. Some misconceptions give certain produces a bad reputation, yet these products actually yield positive health and nutritional benefits. 

Examples of these products are:

1. Eggs

People would remember hearing in lifestyle and health channels some claims that too much egg would raise your cholesterol levels and would cause serious heart implications. Recent researches have proven that eggs contain good vitamins and nutrients like vitamin D, protein, choline, lutein and zeaxanthin.

These aid in muscle building, preserving memory, improving eyesight, and protecting against vision loss. Egg whites are mostly protein and thus can be eaten in huge amounts. However, it is always safe to practice balance in one’s diet as some people may have an intolerance to cholesterol and may not process them as well as others.

2. Coffee

The favorite pick-me-up of any busy student and working adult. Coffee gets a bad reputation for causing anxiety attacks, heart palpitations, disrupted sleeping patterns, and panic attacks when consumed in large amounts. Coffee users experience what is called withdrawal when they stop consuming caffeine, and symptoms include headaches and migraines.

But, coffee contains flavonoids which help to improve the heart’s well-being, protecting the cells and improving the detoxification of the body. Limit is key; nutritionists say that three to four cups of coffee is enough to obtain the healthy amount of benefits of caffeine without any health risks.

3. Avocados 

The famed fruit of millennials, avocado on toast has been quite popular on the internet recently. Avocados are misunderstood to be a very fatty fruit because of its high calorie content and dubious amounts of fat. However, this fat is misunderstood as the bad kind of fat like those found in dairy and meat products. Fats are necessary for hormone production and for the protection of important internal organs. In the avocado’s case, its fats may help lower cholesterol levels. The avocado is teeming with antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

It is always good to take into consideration the amount of food eaten per serving. Overindulging in one type of protein would lock you out of the other benefits you can obtain from other sources of proteins. Have a variety of food choices from the various parts of the food triangle instead of just focusing on one. 

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