Basics of Dog Grooming – Dog Grooming Guide

It’s every pet owner’s responsibility to take care of their pests the best way the can. And one way to show your tender loving care is by grooming them the right way. Here are the basics you should keep in mind:

1. Bathing

Like people, regular bathing is crucial for dogs. But unlike people, they don’t require frequent bathing. The environment and breed of the dog will determine how frequently you can bath it. The ideal frequency for most of the breeds is once a month. Experts recommend that you should not bath your pet twice a week. Also, you should not use your soap on the dog; use the shampoo that is specially formulated for dogs.

2. Brushing

Brushing gets rid of the dead hair from the dog’s coat, hence preventing skin irritation. One main advantage of using a brush is that the hair does not fall on your beautiful floor mat. There is no specific limit of how frequent you can brush your dog’s skin, but if your pet has long hair, it is necessary to brush daily. For the short-haired dogs, once a month is enough. 

Avoid brushing from the hair heads to the skin- the best way of effective brushing is from the surface towards the hair ends. This ensures that the dog is not hurt in the process. Use a soft brush and apply a grooming spray too for the brush to glide smoothly.

3. Pedicure

Unless your dog is an active outdoor pet, you should trim the nails regularly– at least twice a month. For the dog owners who fear shaving their pets, don’t hesitate to call a professional groomer. In the process, you can also be trained and given the best nail trimming techniques. Avoid using a toenail clipper; use the clippers that are mainly designed for that purpose. A rotary trimmer is the best. Although it is slower than the Clippers, it’s safer; thus it makes you comfortable through the process.

4. Scissors and Clippers

Although most dog owners prefer taking their dogs to professional groomers, with some experience and effort, you can do it yourself. 

• Take the dog to a quiet environment– a loud and startling noise from neighbors could make it jumpy and get hurt

.• Clean your dog with good quality shampoo; brush and towel dry it.

Grooming your dog is no rocket science. All it takes is diligence and sincere care for your furry pal’s wellbeing. After all, a well-groomed dog always makes a happier, healthier home.

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